Project 1: Urban Scroll

The first project for Communication is we need to make an Urban Scroll, introducing our location. To be honest, Photoshop is really not my thing. At first, I’m kinda confused how to use this material. After i spent 12+ hours in computer lab, I know how most of the thing works. I didn’t put every single piece of information into my Urban Scroll, but I summarise it and I think I did mention the most important and useful information. I chose the pictures that can represent the most of my location, not just randomly pick it on internet.

Below is what my final Urban Scroll look like:


Scroll_Photo1_Lin_Peihsin(Angel) Scroll_Photo2_Lin_Peihsin(Angel)

We also need to bookbinding our Urban Scroll. I bought both bookbinding paper and handmade paper at Utrecht. There’s many color and pattern you can choose  from, that may suit your Urban Scroll.


After bookbinding it, it looks more complete than just a piece of paper.







Urban Alphabet

This assignment involves a field trip into the local neighbourhood. Explore typography as it occurs organically in the city’s infrastructure. This is a warm-up exercise intended to hone our observational skills.


IMG_4626 material_alphabetHW

Material Alphabet

We are re-making our own alphabet, by the materials we bought at small supermarket and dollar store. I chose fake branch that contain several kinds of fake flowers. In this assignment, I tried to  break the branch and in the same time match up with those flowers. We need to take picture of each alphabet and upload it into Photoshop. I pretty enjoy while doing my own alphabet, it’s a fun and cool experience.



Introducing Acrylic Painting and technique of Super-flat value painting from our printed photo shoot images. We need to choose a photo that have exciting compositions and a high contrast values. First, convert the image from color to black and white. Second, print value reduction  images. Use the black and white image and change Brightness:75, Contrast: 50. Third, print second value reduction. Still use the original black and white image and change Brightness into 150, Contrast: 100. Print all 3 images.

We need to choose from those 3 images, and decide which has the best contrast. Trace the image onto illustration board and start the Super-flat value painting. (only use black and white Acrylic paint)