Project 1: Urban Scroll

The first project for Communication is we need to make an Urban Scroll, introducing our location. To be honest, Photoshop is really not my thing. At first, I’m kinda confused how to use this material. After i spent 12+ hours in computer lab, I know how most of the thing works. I didn’t put every single piece of information into my Urban Scroll, but I summarise it and I think I did mention the most important and useful information. I chose the pictures that can represent the most of my location, not just randomly pick it on internet.

Below is what my final Urban Scroll look like:


Scroll_Photo1_Lin_Peihsin(Angel) Scroll_Photo2_Lin_Peihsin(Angel)

We also need to bookbinding our Urban Scroll. I bought both bookbinding paper and handmade paper at Utrecht. There’s many color and pattern you can choose  from, that may suit your Urban Scroll.


After bookbinding it, it looks more complete than just a piece of paper.





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