Urban Alphabet

This assignment involves a field trip into the local neighbourhood. Explore typography as it occurs organically in the city’s infrastructure. This is a warm-up exercise intended to hone our observational skills.


IMG_4626 material_alphabetHW

Material Alphabet

We are re-making our own alphabet, by the materials we bought at small supermarket and dollar store. I chose fake branch that contain several kinds of fake flowers. In this assignment, I tried to  break the branch and in the same time match up with those flowers. We need to take picture of each alphabet and upload it into Photoshop. I pretty enjoy while doing my own alphabet, it’s a fun and cool experience.



Introducing Acrylic Painting and technique of Super-flat value painting from our printed photo shoot images. We need to choose a photo that have exciting compositions and a high contrast values. First, convert the image from color to black and white. Second, print value reduction  images. Use the black and white image and change Brightness:75, Contrast: 50. Third, print second value reduction. Still use the original black and white image and change Brightness into 150, Contrast: 100. Print all 3 images.

We need to choose from those 3 images, and decide which has the best contrast. Trace the image onto illustration board and start the Super-flat value painting. (only use black and white Acrylic paint)



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